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Mission and Priorities

Core Values

As a Catholic Learning Community, we believe…

  • In a publicly funded Catholic Education System
  • Actions are guided by the teachings of our Catholic faith
  • In excellence through a commitment to continuous improvement for all staff and students
  • Students achieve high standards given sufficient time and support
  • We provide safe and nurturing environments for learning and working
  • We build positive relationships and partnerships with our parishes, parents and the broader Catholic Christian community
  • Stewardship of God’s gifts is a responsibility of all
  • That through teamwork and cooperation, all staff provide leadership which allows our system to excel


As a Catholic Learning Community, we provide faith formation and academic excellence, which enable our graduates to live a life of love and service in Christ.


Excellence in Learning ~ Living in Christ



We want to contribute meaningfully to the strength of our Catholic faith in our schools.  

Student Achievement

We want all students to be the best they can be.


We want to ensure dynamic and progressive leadership in the years ahead.  


We want to share our Catholic education stories, activities and successes with our internal and external communities.