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Catholic Kindergarten Program

Catholic Kindergarten ProgramThe Religion program entitled “In God’s Image” is used in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has developed this excellent document containing numerous songs, activities, prayers and resources for the teaching of such topics.

  1. Me - join with children as they come to shape themselves through play, and to celebrate Me as a trace of God. 
  2. Earth Times -  experience the beauty and uniqueness of the earth and its seasons, and to celebrate the wonder of earth times as a trace of God. 
  3. Church Times - involve children in the festive celebration of the Christian story as it unfolds throughout the year.
  4. Special Days  - experience the joys and goodness of special times in the life of young children and celebrate these special times as traces of God's care.
  5. Community - explore childrens' membership in the community and to celebrate the caring nature of community as a trace of God.
  6. Plants - discover and appreciate the world of plants and to celebrate their beauty as God's creation.
  7. Animals  - discover and appreciate the work of animals and to celebrate God's creation.
  8. Changes - investigate the experiences of loss and mourning and sense the support and comfort of others.

For more information about 'In God's Image' or if you have any questions, please contact your local Catholic Elementary School.