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Catholic students continue trend of strong results in EQAO assessments

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 – The Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board is pleased to report that the Catholic elementary students in Grades 3 and 6, continue to do well in EQAO assessment areas. In both Primary and Junior Divisions, we continue to perform above the provincial average in all six areas of assessment. Catholic students continue to perform well in Reading and Writing assessments. We are most pleased with gains in the area of Mathematics with strong results exceeding those of the province.

We are also pleased to report that Catholic secondary school students continue to the trend of a solid performance in both Applied and Academic Level Mathematics all above the provincial assessment results for Assumption and Holy Trinity. St. John’s College is outperforming the province at the Applied Level but saw a decline in the Academic Level results.

“The Board of Trustees are pleased with the district’s results, particularly in the area of Mathematics. There was a plan in place and our 2018-19 school year results support the focus,” said Chair, Rick Petrella. “As always, there is still work to do, but we are happy that we can report to our community that our student achievement results continue to move in the right direction.”


Catholic students continue to perform well in Reading and Writing assessments. We are most pleased with gains in the area of Mathematics with strong results exceeding those of the province.

The Grade 3 Reading achievement was 79%, a 5% increase over the province. Writing scores also remain strong against the province with a 4% increase. Grade 3 Mathematics achievement saw an increase over last year’s results across the district, as well as a 6% increase over the provincial average. 

The Grade 6 results demonstrate that our students do consistently well in reaching and exceeding the provincial average in Reading and Writing with achievement levels of 87% reaching Level 3 and 4. Our Grade 6 achievement in Mathematics showed a marked improvement as well with a gain of 7% across the system and a 3% increase over the provincial average. These scores indicate that measures to close the gap are working and will continue to be a focus for district and school improvement planning.

“We are very pleased with our results, especially in the area of Mathematics,” said Superintendent Lorri Temple. “The achievement in Mathematics has been a focus for our District for the last few years and these results inform us that our attention to intentional math teaching and learning practices, as well as targeted support, is working. Our School Achievement Team is also working at continuing to address Reading and Writing in our Primary divisions with targeted instruction, professional learning and collaborative planning.”

Grade 9 Mathematics

85% of students studying at the Academic Level at Assumption and Holy Trinity achieved at our above level three, although St. John’s College results saw a decline with only 74% achieving level 3 or 4. This is going to be a focus for the District in regards to School Improvement Planning and School Achievement Team support.

Our Applied Level results remain solidly above the provincial average for all our Secondary students across the District. “We will continue with our School Achievement Team plans including cross panel work, intentional teaching and learning practices, collaborative planning, as well as targeted support where needed,” said Lorrie Temple. “Our plan will be to continue the good work we are doing remaining focused on closing the gaps at the Applied level as well as address supports for St. John’s College for the dip we experienced in the Academic Level results. Although 74% of the secondary students at St. John’s college achieve level 3 and 4 at the Academic Level, we know we can do better.”

The EQAO Grade 9 Mathematics Assessments results are used to guide improvement initiatives as they relate to student achievement. Specifically, results are used to help inform teachers, department heads, principals and program consultants in their efforts to improve classroom practice and success rates. The district plan continues to support ongoing efforts in building students’ knowledge and skills in mathematics and aligns with the provincial document, Focusing on the Fundamentals of Mathematics, which was introduces as a compendium guide for teachers and parents in September 2018.


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