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Chief Ava Hill - Keynote speaker at ACS Model U.N. Assembly

On February 19, 2016 - 30 Assumption College students participated in the second annual Assumption College Model United Nations Assembly. The day-long event took place in the school's lecture hall. Students acted as United Nations delegates representing countries around the world and debated over this years resolution, skillfully crafted by the executive team. Students were honoured to have Ava Hill, Chief of the Six Nations Band Council, as this year's keynote speaker.

This year's focus was on countering terrorism. Students were tasked with preparing a speech along with questions to ask other delegates and had to prepare appropriate answers to questions other countries may ask them.  Students also learned about equality and the long processes which have to occur before actually speaking at the United Nations. This year's executive team consisted of Tracy On, the Secretary General; Katie Montour, the Charge d'Affairs; Myles LeBlanc, the Minister of Political Affairs; and Tehreem Jamal, Minister of Conference Affairs with the guidance of their ACMA advisors, Mrs. Flanagan and Ms. LeMaitre.

Students acted with great class and composure while still being able to have fun and discuss this important topic. At the end of the day Arthur Scozen won the "Best Delegate" award, while Chiara Polilo and Brianna Rowe both took home awards as well. It was a tough decision, but at the end of the day awards were given based on the delegate's overall character, how they carried themselves during the assembly, their ability to represent their country, and the knowledge and attentiveness they showed. Special thanks goes out to Mr. Picone for helping fund the day, as well as his enthusiasm and support for the event.

Written by Tracy On