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Guatemala Tool Drive

Monday, October 7, 2019 - Between January 24 and February 2, 2020, a group of high school students and staff from the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board will be participating, for a third year, in a Service-Learning experience in Guatemala. While there, they work on projects for the community. Building a water tower, school renovations, installing whiteboards, painting the school, digging ditches, fencing the school yard and building concrete walkways are just some of the projects they have completed during their last two visits. One thing that is abundantly evident during the visits is the lack of tools available to complete projects. As a result, there has been a tool drive organized to collect some much-needed items. The team will take the tools with them when they go in January 2020.

The drive accepts both new and gently-used construction tools that families and community members are willing to donate. "One by One", the organization that oversees our projects in Guatemala, has provided a list of much needed tools to assist in the collection. 

Anyone willing to donate is asked to contact a secondary school representative as listed:

  • Holy Trinity  |  Clark Chernak  |  519-429-3600
  • St. John's College  |  Marty Quinlan  |  519-759-2318  Ext 254
  • Assumption College School  |  Tara Williams  |  519-751-2030

Tool List (Main Trades are - Concrete, Electrical, Carpentry, Welding) 

  • Hand Tools: pliers, tin snips, screw drivers, levels (all sizes and types) chalk lines, utility knives, hammers, nail pullers, measuring tapes, (hand, winding, roller); 
  • Electric Tools: chop saws, compound miter saws, circular saws (wood and metal/steel blades), saws-all and blades, cordless impact drill, hammer drill, welder, corded tools; 
  • Concrete working tools: foundation and footings, concrete finishing, flooring, masonry (any and all related to mixing, applying and finishing concrete, brick, flooring);
  • Trowels: brick chisels, plumb bobs, leveling tools for sidewalks and porches. Tap-cons. All lengths, all sizes; 
  • Bits for screws: nuts, wood, concrete etc; Philips, Robertson, all size cup bits,   wood and concrete drill bits. Wrenches and ratchets; 
  • Electrician Tools: snips, wire strippers and cutters, current readers. Quality extension cords, good length and sturdy; 
  • Painting: brushes, rollers, trays, can openers, stir sticks, good quality drop cloths; 
  • Tool boxes: tool bags, tool chest, organizers, tool belts;
  • Safety: gloves, steel-toed boots, construction clothing, eye protection, ear protection, folding metal horses. 

The '2020 Guatemala Encounter Group' thanks everyone in advance for donating a tool(s) for this unique opportunity.