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Meeting of the Board of Trustees

At the June 27, 2022 Meeting of the Board of Trustees...

Celebrating Administrator Retirements

The Board of Trustees honoured and celebrated our amazing principals who are retiring and thanked them for their years of dedicated service to Catholic Education. 

Photo cutline (left to right): Chair of the Board, Rick Petrella; Principals Anna Fortunato, Lisa Kuyper, Charmaine Hanley, John McDermid; and Vice-Chair of the Board, Carol Luciani.


Faith Advisory Committee Annual Report 2021-22

Trustees received a summary of initiatives and events that the Faith Advisory Committee was involved in this past year including, but not limited to, Give the Best of Yourself Wellness kit distribution, Advent and Lenten speaker events, Coats of Kids, Christian Meditation and Catholic Student Leadership Awards. It was noted that a survey was launched in the spring to seek feedback on the Board’s Spiritual Theme and that the theme was received favourable across the district.

Literacy Plan

The 2021-2024 Literacy Plan was shared with the Board. The Board continues to learn about science of reading and develop language curriculum. The Heggerty program was launched and this skill building work for phonemic awareness utilizing the program will be mandatory for K-2. Resources, which have been decided upon by a collaboration of many teams including Special Education, Student Achievement and Speech Language Pathologists, will be in place for 2022-2023. It was noted that as we move forward with learning and supporting educators in Grade 1 with PD, we will also work to identify needs in the Junior grades, and further PD in the next two years for Kindergarten and Grade 2 educators.

Student Support Services and Mental Health and Addictions Strategy Annual Report 2021-22

The Student Support Services Team’s commitment to providing a tiered approach to creating safe, inclusive, and welcoming learning spaces for all students in our school district was highlighted. In, addition, an overview of the Mental Health and Addictions Strategy Steering Committee was provided. Superintendent Greco noted the Action plan has been focused on equipping and supporting educators by providing learning and training in mental health literacy and supporting innovative and evidence-based practices in schools. Social Workers and Child and Youth Workers within the team have worked closely with school staff, students, and families to support wellbeing for all and staff continued to build system capacity in many areas.

2022-23 Operating and Capital Budget

The Board approved the 2022-23 Operating and Capital Budget.

Annual Special Education Report

The Board received an overview of the Annual Special Education Report. The Board’s commitment to providing inclusive education was highlighted. The strategic implementation of professional learning and training for staff was shared along with updates regarding programs and supports in place across the system for learners. A review of the dialogue with community partners, school staff, parents and students in secondary self-contained programs was provided including areas of improvement that were identified such as more awareness and information regarding available supports for these students upon graduating secondary school. A summary of the three pathways was shared including Specialized College Program, Transitional Age Youth Services, and Employment Programs.

Student Trustee Report

Trustees received the Student Trustee Report that included:

“Assumption College School hosted its final Coffee House for the year.  It was very well attended, and everyone really enjoyed it. The school hosted an athletic banquet to recognize all of school athletes that participated in sports throughout the school year.  The junior and senior athletes of the year were honoured at the event as well. The first prom in 2 years was held at Marquis Gardens for the Grade 12 students. The school also hosted its first in person liturgy in over 2 years in the gym for Grade 11 and 12 students.  Finally, there was a Grade 12 graduation retreat held at Marydale Park that was organized by the Chaplain. Although it was a very warm day everyone still had a lot of fun.

Holy Trinity hosted a lemonade house that was very successful.  The school also sold Student Price Cards and have started getting ready for next year’s Fall Fair. The school also held an in-person school mass.  Finally, the school hosted a great prom night.

St. John’s College School had a very successful prom night.  The school hosted video game days in the cafeteria during lunch.  Students also made an end of the year video to play for the whole school.  The school also facilitated a successful Coffee House.”

Student Trustees

Chair Petrella welcomed Halaena Buenviaje as the 2022-23 Student Trustee.

On behalf of the Board and Senior Administration, Chair Petrella thanked Student Trustee O’Brien for his commitment to the Board throughout the year and presented him with a letter of commendation.

Photo cutline (left to right): Student Trustee Aidan O’Brien (2021-22) and Student Trustee Halaena Buenviaje (2022-23)