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Meeting of the Board of Trustees

At the May 25, 2021 Meeting of the Board of Trustees...

Committee and Staff Reports

Student Trustee Report

Trustees received the Student Trustee Report that included:

“The Student Trustee election took place on April 28, 2021 virtually and the successful candidate was Aidan O’Brien, grade 11 student at assumption College. He is eager to begin his term and is ready to learn.

This year was the first election to take place online and the feedback specific to this experience was positive. Students enjoyed the format of the voting and found it to be efficient and transparent.

Senate spirit wear has been received and it is now being delivered. Any staff orders will be at the board office to be picked up.

Assumption recently had a virtual talent show via YouTube where students could vote for their favourite acts. Similarly, St. John’s College had a virtual game week to engage students.

All schools have been spreading positive messages through their social media.

Initially planning for the 2021-2022 school year will be discussed at the final Student Senate meeting in June.”