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Meeting of the Board of Trustees

At the June 22, 2021 Meeting of the Board of Trustees...

Committee and Staff Reports

Faith Advisory Committee

Trustees approved the renaming of the Catholic Education Advisory Committee to the Faith Advisory Committee along with an updated terms of reference.

Operating and Capital Budget 2021-22

Trustees approved the 2021-22 School Year budget totalling $152 million dollars. The overall budget is comprised of the total operating budget of $147.7 million (an increase of $1.9 million from the 2020-21 revised budget) and the total capital budget of $4.3 million.

2020-21 Annual Special Education Report

Trustees received a presentation of the Annual Special Education Report.

Strategic Plan Update

Trustees received an update on the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan goals and progress which has been made toward the completion of the plan in 2023.