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Athletics (During COVID-19)

Physical Education, Sports & Inter-School Sports

High-contact school athletics, and school sports programming have been suspended until further notice.

Health and physical education in elementary and secondary will courses will resume as normal. The use of gymnasiums, swimming pools, change rooms, weight rooms, indoor physical education equipment, and shared outdoor equipment (if applicable) are permitted with distancing and hand hygiene.
High contact activities (such as basketball and wrestling) and low-contact activities are permitted both in and outdoors. Masking is encouraged indoors if physical distancing cannot be maintained. Use of school swimming pools (if applicable) is permitted, with physical distancing around the pool area encouraged to discourage mixed-cohort congregating. Windows should be opened when feasible to support increased ventilation during physical activity.

Secondary Athletics

At this time, extra-curricular sports are paused while BHNCDSB works with the Ministry of Education and public health officials on a safe return.

Our goal is to review and provide direction on extra-curricular sports in the near future.

The OFSAA Executive Council, in collaboration with its Return to Sports Working Group, has announced the return of all 2021-22 championships and festivals. This follows the Ministry of Education's recently released Guide to Reopening Schools, which allows for sports in schools this September. OFSAA events will be offered in a safe manner for all participants and volunteers. Safety protocols have been approved by Public Health and all staff and coaches have been inserviced and understand the plan/safety measures, practicing for the fall season. 

Secondary Outdoor Athletic Events

We are pleased that, due to the hard work of our students and staff, including attention to health and safety protocols, vaccination rates, and strict guidelines, our students are once again able to participate in athletic opportunities.

As well, in consultation with public health, a decision has been made to permit spectators once again at the secondary level only, for outdoor athletic events. Remaining dedicated to physical distancing and the wearing of masks protocols are two precautions that we were able to put in place. These precautions must be adhered to by ALL visitors including the media, family members, and general spectators.

By working together, we can ensure that we are doing our very best to keep our outdoor athletic events safe and permit spectators once again.


All players, coaches, officials, volunteers, and spectators must self-screen using the Ontario COVID-19 school screening tool prior to attending all sporting events.

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing must be maintained at all times. Seating stickers will be utilized to ensure 2 metres of distance is maintained between spectators. Immediate families may be seated within 2 metres of each other, but 2 metres distance will be maintained between different families.


Players, Coaches and Officials will follow school masking protocols for athletic events. Spectators will be required to wear a face covering when outside on school property and when seated in stands.


On BHNCDSB property, at this time, no spectators are permitted at the secondary level for indoor activities; however, spectators are permitted outdoors if:

  • They adhere to physical distancing guidelines and remain in their family/home unit.
  • School masking protocols are practiced.
  • Spectators complete the Provincial School and Child Care Screening process with a result that indicates they may attend a school/school site.

Please note that spectators who attend a non-BHNCDSB site for an event must comply with that site’s health and safety requirements. Spectators should be aware of their obligations in advance of attending.

Elementary Soccer and Cross-Country Fall Season & Tournaments

Elementary soccer and cross-country seasons will be modified and take place when permitted.