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Be Smart and Safe Online

Focus on understanding the risks to student well-being.

This week we will look into the following:

  • Online gaming
  • Social media

This week also corresponds to Ontario’s “Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week” which is an opportunity for the school community to raise awareness about bullying and cyberbullying and work together on prevention. We encourage you to learn more about this separate awareness campaign.

Helping students know the risks of the Internet and be safe online is a concern for many parents and teachers. With online interests of young people always changing it is difficult to be proactive in helping kids stay safe while online. The following guide on Tweens and Teens in the digital world can help provide some good insight into the risks and actions that can be taken to keep kids safe.

This week choose one or more daily online safety topic(s), read, learn and apply to be more aware of how you can be safer online.

Online Gaming

Social Media

Taken from and adapted with permission: