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COVID-19 Cases, Outbreaks, and Closures

Information every family should know: This year, the Board, working under the direction and guidance of local Public Health units, has modified the COVID-19 case handling process. Families should be clear on the following processes and ensure that their family contact information, particularly email addresses, on file at the school are up-to-date. Email is the main form of communication for all COVID-19 school closures, and COVID-19-related communications.

Process changes as of January 12, 2022 as directed by the Ministry of Education and Public Health:

  • Email is the main form of communication.
  • The Board is requesting that all families check their email each evening (ideally at 6:00 p.m.) to see if their child has been connected to a school closure and needs to stay home the next day. 
  • Phone call communication to families will only occur if you are required to come to the school to pick up your child. Email is the main form of communication from both the Public Health Units and the school.

As an ongoing commitment to getting staff and families the best possible data, BHNCDSB will post attendance statistics based on illness daily on this website, in addition to observing the provincial requirement to post attendance statistics once a threshold of 30% illness-related absences at a school has been reached.

Please be are that Public Health no longer supports case and contact management at schools nor will they be communicating out positive cases due to changes in provincial reporting requirements announced on December 31, 2021. The board will assume the responsibility of notifying parents of illness-related absences.

COVID-19 Closure Ordered by Public Health or the School Board

  • Public Health has the authority to close a school in order to safeguard students and staff.
  • The School Board has the authority to close a school due to student safety or concerns as the result of challenges to supervision. 

If a school is ordered closed, the following process will take place:

  1. School administrator will email the immediate/upcoming school closure and re-opening date information to staff.
  2. School administrator will notify parents/guardians of the immediate/upcoming school closure and re-opening date via School Messenger phone call AND email. Families should ensure that their email address on file at the school is accurate.
  3. School administrator will notify the Child Care provider (if applicable) of the immediate/upcoming school closure and re-opening date via email. 
  4. School administrator will provide a family/community communication indicating that the school is/will be closed and a reminder to 'check the family email for details' via the school Twitter account.
  5. School administrator will update the school website with immediate/upcoming school closure and re-opening date with an Alert - Level Red. All individuals who subscribe to the school website will receive this alert via email.
  6. The COVID-19 Reporting | COVID-19 Cases by Location webpage will be updated to indicate ‘School Temporarily Closed’. Included will be the 'closed' and 're-opening' dates.