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COVID-19 Reporting

The COVID-19 Reporting webpage provides data including:

  • Number of COVID-19 Cases by Location
  • Fully Vaccinated Staff Data
  • Ventilation Reporting

Reporting by Location

Our COVID-19 Cases - Reporting by Location page provides the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases connected to our schools. Confirmed COVID-19 case numbers are updated daily, Monday - Friday. Important: A positive case at a school does not mean the individual was exposed to COVID-19 at the school. They may have been exposed somewhere else in the community. (Information format is yyyymmdd: Daily New COVID-19 Positive Case: XX, Outbreak Declared (if applicable), School Closed (if applicable).)

Elementary Schools

Blessed Sacrament School - n/a

Christ the King School - n/a

Holy Cross School - n/a

Holy Family School - n/a

Madonna Della Libera Catholic Elementary School

20210914 - Daily New COVID-19 Positive Case: 1

Notre Dame School, Brantford - n/a

Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School, Caledonia

20210919 - Daily New COVID-19 Positive Case: 2

Our Lady of Fatima School - n/a

Our Lady of Providence Catholic Elementary School - n/a

Resurrection School - n/a

Sacred Heart School, Langton - n/a

Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School, Paris - n/a

St. Basil Catholic Elementary School - n/a

St. Bernard of Clairvaux School - n/a

St. Cecilia’s School - n/a

St. Frances Cabrini School - n/a

St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School

20210926 - Daily New COVID-19 Positive Case: 2

St. Joseph’s School - n/a

St. Leo School - n/a

St. Michael’s School, Dunnville - n/a

St. Mary’s School, Hagersville - n/a

St. Michael’s School, Walsh - n/a

St. Patrick School, Brantford - n/a

St. Patrick’s School, Caledonia - n/a

St. Peter School - n/a

St. Pius X Catholic Elementary School - n/a

St. Stephen's School - n/a

St. Theresa School - n/a

Secondary Schools

Assumption College School - n/a

Holy Trinity Catholic High School - n/a

St. John’s College

20210922 - Daily New COVID-19 Positive Case: 1

20210912 - Daily New COVID-19 Positive Case: 1

St. Mary’s Catholic Learning Centre, Brantford - n/a

St. Mary’s Satellite Campus – Simcoe Location - n/a

Other Sites

Catholic Education Centre - n/a

Facilities Services - n/a

Information Technology Services - n/a

Virtual Elementary and Secondary School - Cases connected to our Virtual Schools are considered community spread and not reported on.

COVID-19 Immunization Disclosure

Individuals Covered by the Policy

The requirements to disclose data pertaining to fully vaccinated staff members applies to all school board employees/staff, as well as frequent school visitors and other professionals who deliver services in schools and interact with students and staff, including third-party contractors.

This includes:

  • School board trustees;
  • Occasional staff on a supply list;
  • Students on an educational placement, including professional services students on a placement / work-integrated learning visit (e.g., teacher candidate practicums, nurse, psychologist, behavioural therapist, speech-language pathologist, etc);
  • Volunteers;
  • Those who provide professional services to children at school;
  • Student transportation drivers; and
  • Frequent visitors, including third-party contractors, who regularly interact with or are in the presence of students and/or school board staff.

BHNCDSB Fully Vaccinated Staff Data

(data will be listed in reverse chronological order in the following format: Month (yyyymmdd), Fully Vaccinated: XX)


  • Total number of individuals to which the policy applies: 1606
  • Total number of individuals who have attested to being fully vaccinated (with and without supporting documentation: 1264 / 79%
  • Total number of individuals who provided a documented medical reason for not being fully vaccinated: 2 / 0.1%
  • Total number of individuals who have not yet submitted an attestation form: 225 / 14%
  • Total number of other staff to which the policy will apply: 115 / 6.9%
  • Total number of other individuals to which the policy will apply: t.b.d. (in the process of collecting data for visitors, volunteers, contractors, etc.)

Reference: COVID-19: Health, safety and operational guidance for schools (2021-2022)

Ventilation Reporting

The following reports are updated monthly:

Board Ventilation Strategy - September 2021 (.pdf document)
Board Level Investments - September 2021 (.pdf document)
School-by-School Dashboards - September 2021 (.xlsx file that can be sorted by school. If you require an alternate format, please email