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Health and Safety


School Administrators must ensure school staff are aware of their responsibility to assess themselves daily for symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or other infectious respiratory disease prior to entering the school.

Handwashing Etiquette and Sanitization

  • Schools will be required to establish a hand washing protocol for students and staff that will be scheduled at set intervals throughout the day. Facilities Services conducted a survey to determine numbers of classrooms with a functioning sink but no soap dispenser. Soap dispensers and additional soap have been ordered and will be installed at these sites. Paper towel will also be provided.
  • Custodial staff will monitor soap, sanitizer, and towel supplies and alert their Administrator supplies need to be replenished.
  • Proper handwashing with warm water and soap is always recommended. In the absence of this, conveniently located, wall-mounted hand sanitizer stations have been provided, or a pump/squeeze bottle of hand sanitizer located in direct proximity to the commonly used entrance/exit door.
  • Hand sanitizer will be in all classrooms and portable classrooms that do not have a functioning sink with soap and running water. Hand washing / sanitizer supplies will be assessed on a regular basis and restocked as required.

Outbreak Protocol and Preventative Measures

Masking, PPE Guidelines, and Expectations

See Masking Requirements

Staff/Student Accommodations

  • Staff with underlying health conditions or who fall within the high-risk category will follow the Board’s current accommodation process.
  • Staff who may need a medical accommodation in the workplace are to consult with Human Resource Services (HRS). Teachers who are on a medical accommodation, preventing them from regular class instruction may be assigned to daily online instruction and check-ins with students. 
  • Parents/Guardians who do not want their child at attend school in-person will have the option to enrol in remote learning. This option is only available at specific times during the school year. Please consult with your school principal to find out when the next 'remote registration' period opens. 

Staff Training

All BHNCDSB employees are required to:

  • Review the BHNCDSB COVID-19 section of the website periodically.
  • Participate in any training or education sessions as required.

Supply of PPE

  • Schools are to regularly monitor their PPE supplies. An inventory of PPE supplies will be housed at Facility Services. The inventory will be monitored by Procurement Services and Facility Services. 
  • The process of ordering additional PPE will be managed centrally. Additional details on process will be shared prior to the start of school.
  • Available PPE may include disposable gloves, face masks (cloth, non-fitted N95, Level 1 or Level 2 and non-medical grade), face shields/eye goggles, disposable gowns.


  • All bus drivers will be provided with PPE by the Board if they choose to wear it.
  • With a conventional return to school, student numbers on buses will be as per normal.

Visitors and Volunteers

Frequently Asked Questions

What proactive health and safety protocols are in place at schools for COVID-19?

BHNCDSB is utilizing a number of health and safety strategies including:

  • Regular hand washing and/or hand-sanitizing will be built into our school day and encouraged often.
  • Where possible, adjustments have been made to the HVAC systems in schools. Additionally, windows will be opened if possible. Please see the Facilities Services, Ventilation, and Cleaning page for details.
  • Physical distancing and hand washing/sanitizing reminders take place throughouit the day.
  • There is increased cleaning and disinfecting of common space, bathrooms and shared items.