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New! Online Kindergarten Registration

Beginning January 2018, the Board is utilizing an online Kindergarten Registration tool that will make the process more convenient for parents. Parents will simply:

  1. Create an account
  2. Provide registration details
  3. Upload a few documents

The online registration tool is not available until January, 2018. Until then, parents can get a head start by collecting the following:

  • Canadian birth certificate (or proof of Canadian citizenship, proof of permanent residence, record of landing, or other Immigration and Citizenship documentation).
  • Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate or, if your child is not baptized, the Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate of the parent or guardian.
  • Proof of home address (a rental/lease agreement, drivers license, utility bill, proof of purchase).
  • Education records (if your child previously attended another school).


  • You will need to use the same email address when entering your parent/guardian information that you used when you created your account. That email address is important because it is part of the attendance and information sharing processes during the school year. Other parent/guardian email addresses can be added during the registration process.


  • You can upload the required documents as an ‘image’ or as a ‘.pdf’ file. A quick ‘smart phone’ picture or ‘scan’ will do the trick! If you are not able to upload the required documents, complete the online registration process and provide the original paper versions to the school as soon as possible. Your child’s registration is not complete until all documents are receive at the school.


  • If you are registering for a school that is not your home school (meaning that it is not the Catholic school in your immediate area) please complete the registration process by picking your home school. You will then be able to fill out an “Out of Boundary” form.


  • If you are registering for our French Immersion program, please select the French Immersion School closest to your home from the list.


Please revisit this page in January 2018 to be directed to Kindergarten Online Registration!