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THINK before you click, post or share...

Focus on being cautious online and protecting privacy and personal information.

This week we will look into the following:

  • Don’t be a victim of phishing, smishing or vishing
  • Misinformation
  • Think before you click, share or text

Start this week by familiarizing yourself with common ways that cybercriminals try to trick you into providing sensitive data about yourself or others. The what is Smishing and how to protect yourself video (transcript) will introduce you to a new technique you may not be aware of. Then check out the video on how you can browse the web safely (transcript) for important tips about how to keep you and the networks you use safe.


Misinformation and Fake News

THINK before you Click, Share or Text

  • Don’t be tricked by cyber scams, limit what you share
  • Check first, share after, stop the spread of misinformation
  • Is This Website Safe (Word / PDF) (custom content)
  • Do you know what information can be found about you online? (Word / PDF) (custom content)
  • What about those privacy settings on your smartphone or apps? (Word / PDF) (custom content)

Taken from and adapted with permission: