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What's New at a Glance

This page provides recent additions and changes to the COVID-19 web section (including what is new for the 2021-22 school year). As infomation arrives, we strive to inform families, staff and community members as soon as possible. Please check back often to ensure that you have the latest information that promotes the health and safety of all. 

Please be informed that enhanced health and safety requirements have been established in consultation with our two local public health units. Changes to 'general guidelines' may be due to local COVID-19 cases, vaccination rates or other factors.


  • A more easily accessible new Athletics (During COVID-19) webpage created and content from Learning for All and Operational Guidelines for Schools migrated to the new page.


  • Secondary Athletics - Safety protocols have been approved by Public Health (week of 20210908) and as soon as all staff and coaches are inserviced and understand the plan/safety measures, practicing for the fall season will resume. 
  • Chair of the Board, Rick Petrella provided a message and update to families.


The Health and COVID-19 Screening webpage has been updated to include the newly verified process of what takes place when a student is sick at school. 



  • Access to Schools and Administrative Buildings - Staff and regular visitors (proof of full vaccination) 
  • Learning materials and equipment for outdoor play may be used with hand hygiene and sanitization measures in place.
  • Lockers, changerooms and cubbies can be used with physical distancing measures and masking mandates adhered to.
  • Masking - Not new for the 2021-22 school year, but a reminder that all BHNCDSB students (Kindergarten-Grade 12), Staff, Visitors (including parents/guardians) and Volunteers are required to wear masks and follow BHNCDSB PPE requirements.
  • New 'Reporting' webpage (Details COVID-19 Cases by Location, Staff Vaccination Disclosures, Ventilation Reports)
  • Recess Breaks - Students will participate in recess with cohorts/classmates as much as possible.
  • Secondary Athletics - Scheduled to proceed, but holding for more information to finalize protocols that will protect the safety of all involved. The board is waiting for the guidelines and a review by our local public health units.
  • Shared spaces, such as libraries and cafeterias can be used, with physical distancing and masking protocols followed.