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Work, Teach and Learn from Anywhere

Focusing on cyber security and safeguarding your data, devices and systems

Work, Teach and Learn from Anywhere focuses on:

  • Using secure passwords and applying good user account practices
  • Keeping your devices secure
  • Securing your home network and the risks of using Wi-Fi from other remote locations
  • Safely using videoconferencing tools for synchronous learning

You can start by taking stock of your own cyber security knowledge by taking the “Get Cyber Safe Assessment Checkup” (online quiz) from the Government of Canada’s Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM) 2020 campaign.

Watch this Work, Teach and Learn from Anywhere video (transcript) to learn about sources of security risks and basic steps you can take to mitigate them when working, teaching or learning remotely.

Accounts and Passwords


  • Secure all of your devices
  • Apply software updates on all of your devices (incl. operating system, Antivirus/Antimalware software, web browsers, games and apps)
  • Make sure to backup your devices
  • If receiving a new device, run through the new device checklist
  • Summary of tips for safeguarding your devices (Word / PDF) (custom resource)
  • Clear your browser cache and browsing history (Word / PDF) (custom resource)

Home Network and Public Wi-Fi

Review your home network setup (Word / PDF) (custom resource)
Run through the following home network checklist (Word / PDF) (custom resource)
Be cautious when using public Wi-Fi


Tips for safe Videoconferencing for Staff and Teachers (Word / PDF) (custom resource)
Tips for safe Videoconferencing for Students and Parents (Word / PDF) (custom resource)

Taken from and adapted with permission: