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Registration Information

Kindergarten Registration

Beginning January 2018, the Board is utilizing an online Kindergarten Registration tool that will make the process more convenient for parents. Parents will simply:

  • Create an account (a confirmation email will be sent to your email account).
  • Provide registration details.
  • Upload a few documents (please prepare by taking pictures of them or scanning them so you have an electronic copy ready to upload.

To learn more about Kindergarten Registration including available resources, visit our Kindergarten Registration page.

Elementary School Registration

A Roman Catholic baptismal certificate for either the child or their parent is required to register for junior kindergarten to Grade 8 ONLY. Members of Catholic Churches who recognize the Pope as the Head of the Church are eligible for admission.

For non-Catholic families, please contact your school principal for admission request details.


Grade 8 Summer School Options


Secondary School Registration


Our high schools (Grades 9 to 12) are open to ALL students. If you are registered in one of our Catholic elementary schools, your child will have the opportunity to connect with their local Catholic High School to learn about the school and courses. If you are not registered in our Catholic system, please contact the Catholic High School closest to your residence or the Catholic Education Centre (519-756-6369) for registration information.

Secondary School Online Course Selection


Visit Career Cruising Icon to select your courses online for next semester. If you require assistance, please follow the Online Registration Instructions found on your secondary school website (Assumption College School, Holy Trinity Catholic High School, St. John's College) or contact your Secondary School Guidance Department.



Visit  target="_blank" title="Summer School Registration">Summer School Survey Icon for Summer School Student Registration.



Admission of Students Policy

The Admission of Students policy will provide you with details about admissions to our Catholic schools. If you have additional questions or require assistance please call the Catholic Education Centre (519-756-6369phone) or your local Catholic school.

Your Home School

Students must attend the school within the boundaries of their residence - their 'home' school. Students who wish to attend another school outside of their normal attendance boundary must apply for 'Out of Boundary'. The process begins at the 'home' school with both principals (home and out of boundary schools) and their respective school Superintendent.

To find out which school is your 'home' school, please use the Home School Locator found on the Student Transportation Services Brant Haldimand Norfolk's website.

French Immersion

French Immersion program is offered at five BHNCDSB locations:

  • St. Leo Catholic Elementary (City of Brantford) 519-759-3314
  • Jean Vanier Catholic Elementary (City of Brantford) 519-753-5283
  • Sacred Heart, Paris (County of Brant) 519-442-4443
  • St. Joseph's Catholic Elementary, Simcoe (Norfolk County) 519-426-0820
  • Notre Dame Catholic Elementary, Caledonia (Haldimand County) 905-765-0649

Transportation is provided to all students enrolled in the French Immersion program to the school in their location. For information about the program in your area, please contact your closest French Immersion program school.

Tax Direction of School Support

At the time of registration, you will be asked to direct your tax support (regardless of if you rent or own) to 'Separate' school support. You will be provided with Direction of Tax Support forms at the time of registration. For details of what this tax support direction means to Catholic school districts in Ontario, how to change your direction of support, and for a copy of the forms please visit Direction of School Support.

New to Canada?

If you are new to Canada, have a school-aged child, and English is not your first language, we can assist you with enrolling your child in school. Our staff will provide student assessment and guidance for English language learners and their families. Please call 519-756-6369phone for assistance.